How Much Does it cost?

Prices are based on your usage. On average, we save customers 20-50% off of what they were spending on bottled water and because we don't have the high overhead costs, we have one of the longest price guarantees in the industry! Call us today to receive your free quote.

How is it installed?

Just like installing an icemaker on a fridge. We run a “water cable” from a water source to the preferred location of your cooler. This process does not involve major plumbing and does not leave any visual alterations to your place of business. We have installed our equipment in hospitals, high-rise buildings, warehouses and all other types buildings. Our trained technicians take care of everything for you and we 100% guarantee satisfaction on our installation. If you still have questions regarding our installation we will be glad to send a technician to you for a free consultation.

What are the requirements for installing your Bottle-Free coolers?

Every install can be slightly different, partially depending upon which filtration system you are choosing. Your sales specialist can help determine the best system for you and installation requirements based on your filter choice and cooler placement. Our coolers are installed with high quality tubing and quick-connect fittings, and are connected to existing water lines, similar to running a water line to an ice maker on a refrigerator from a water source. Break rooms are ideal, but many times units are needed throughout other areas of a business. Lines can be run over dropped ceilings and inside walls to accommodate these areas. Installation times may vary from approximately 30-45 minutes.

What is Reverse Osmosis (RO) and how does it differ from a Carbon filter?

Carbon Filters are a little simpler than an RO Filtration system. Carbon does an excellent job or removing bad taste and odor such as those created by the chlorination process of our city water. A Reverse Osmosis filtration system also incorporates the use of a 1) carbon filter and sometimes a 2) sediment filter before the water is then pushed through a “semi-permeable membrane” with microscopic pores that only allow H2O molecules to pass through. All other contaminants are flushed away leaving only good clean drinking water.

How do I change the filters and how often do they need to be changed?

Get Filtered will service your bottle-free cooler, as a part of your rental agreement, so you will not have to lift a finger or pay any additional fees. Depending on the amount of employees and overall usage of the system, filter changes will vary from one unit to another. Typically a filter will be changed anywhere from 8-10 months.

How much do filter changes and service calls cost?

Absolutely nothing! All filter changes and service calls are included in your monthly, quarterly, or annual rental payment

How can you give such great promotions if your service is an upgrade?

What you pay for in a bottled water delivery service is mostly manufacturing and delivery cost. Due to old technology, bottled water companies our forced to endure massive operating cost such as multi-million dollar water treatment plants, warehouses, trucks, gas, and multitudes of employees. The end result is the customer is forced to pay higher prices for water. A Better Water Solution’s technology eliminates the operating cost of old bottled water technology, thus we can provide better water at a better price. In addition, we offer more promotions in select cities where we are not currently advertising on television or radio

How will I know the water quality will stay the same over a period of time?

We guarantee in writing that your taste and purity will remain constant throughout the entire time you enjoy our service. Our Better Water Factory is state of the art equipment we are renting to you for a very low rate, not only are we diligent in providing 100% customer satisfaction, since we own the equipment we need to protect our cooler by making sure it is maintained properly.

How do I know my employees will like the water?

Simple. Let us place a Better Water Factory is your office on a free trial basis. This is the only fool proof way for us to prove that we have the highest quality, best tasting water in the industry. Our trials our 100% free of any obligation and of any cost to you. Consult your sales consultant for a free trial.

Is this new technology?

Actually, the Better Water Factory utilizes the same filtration process most major bottled water companies use to purify their water over the last 60 years. What is new to the US is the Better Water Factory’s technology that simply eliminates need for a bottle. Bottle-less coolers drinking water has been perfected over the last 15 years in Asia, Europe, and Australia where bottled water delivery is a thing of the past. Our service is now sweeping the nation and soon will make bottle water delivery obsolete. We represent the largest bottle-free cooler manufacturer in the world.

I have a filter at home and it tastes bad. How do I know yours doesn't taste bad too?

Consumer-level purification systems are typically single stage devices used to remove most of the taste and odor from the water. Our purification system uses the same 5-stage filtration process used by bottle water companies to produce the water that they sell in bottle-free. Similar to how computers have shrunk down from the size of a room to the size of notebook, we've basically reduced the size of a bottle water factory to the size of a water cooler. To ensure the taste and purity of the water will be maintained, filter changes are performed proactively and the taste and purity of our water is guaranteed in writing.

More Questions?

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