We are a water filtration company and operates in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Austin, Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley. We are expanding into other markets every year. Get Filtered recognized the opportunity to replace the traditional 5-gallon bottled water solution with a point-of-use filtered cooler solution that has numerous advantages over bottled water. Get Filtered is a full service sales, install and service company. We offer a full line of in home systems as well.

We measure the quality of our products and services entirely by the level of customer satisfaction. We concentrate on the following areas as our main management practice:

100% Garanteed
  • Quality of Coolers, water lines, installation technique and filtration systems
  • Fast response time for service and new installations
  • Excellent customer service and billing system

We carry products from multiple manufacturers so that we may provide the best cooler to suit the unique needs of each client. It also allows the client to mix and match coolers that are best suited to any differing needs within the same office.

Our flat monthly rate is all-inclusive, so our clients know exactly what to budget each year for their drinking water. There are no hidden costs or additional fees and no surprise invoices! 

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M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Central Time

Contact Information

Main: 866-855-4754
Fax: 405-254-3998

120 E FM 544, Ste 72
PMB 313
Murphy, TX 75094


Other Locations

512-832-9200 - Austin, Texas
361-572-0020 - Corpus Christi, Texas
956-631-5440 - McAllen, Texas
405-254-3999 - Oklahoma
210-599-4003 - San Antonio, Texas